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Create beautiful live edge and epoxy tables with extensions to easily host extra people at the dinner table!


These extensions fit onto the end of the table, and allow you to create your piece with continuous grain and character. The seamless extension is not only easy and quick to use, but also strong enough to hold your piece in place.


Each set includes two extender bars, four "U" shaped brackets and four wing nuts for tigtening - one set will create one extension piece. Please order two sets for extensions at each end of the table.


Each extender bar is 18" long, made out of 3/4" cold rolled steel.


How it works:

1) Attach the extender bars to each end of your extension piece.

2) Line up and attach the "U" shaped brackets to the bottom side of your main table - one close to the edge of the table, and one close to the end of where the extender bar will sit.

3) Use the provided wing nuts to tighten the bars in place.

Table Extension Hardware

  • 18"L x 3/4" cold rolled steel tube.