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Backwoods Timber Creations - Shop Crew
Thank you for coming to visit our little corner of this amazing industry - 
we are so glad you're here!

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Keep scrolling to meet our team, learn more about us, our history and what sets us apart!
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Founder & Creative Mastermind
Kyle's heart and soul goes into all of our creations, and his keen eye and attention to detail is evident in every piece that goes out our doors!
Favorite job perk: getting to be wildly creative and build so many unique and different pieces every day.
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Marketing & Business Manager
Ali's smiling face is ready to welcome you in into our showroom and work with you through every step of the design process for the custom piece of your dreams!
Favorite job perk: working in an ever-evolving industry with new challenges and opportunities every day.
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Favorite thing to do: Film and edit epoxy pours!
Favorite thing to do: chew all the wood cutoffs and nap under the stairs!
We will support and empower the institutions and brands that make up our communities. We vow to contribute to those that we live and work in, and always do our part.
All of our creations will be made with products from sustainable and ethical companies, and we will always stand behind our work. We promise to always shop from Canadian owned companies wherever possible.
We will always create an enjoyable and stress-free atmosphere for our customers in our space and throughout the design and building process. Our showroom is a no judgement zone, and we welcome all woodworkers and hobbyists of all skill levels to seek out our assistance with all your projects.
You will always be greeted with sincerity, kindness and a welcoming smile when you walk through our doors. There's enough negativity in the world, so you will always get an optimistic attitude from our team.
High quality products, higher quality people. We don't settle for anything less than the best, and that's what you will get from our team members with every experience.
We welcome and respect all into our company. As a client, you will always be treated with respect. We promise to always be an equal opportunity employer.

Throughout high school, Kyle worked at Keeso's Sawmill in Listowel, where his passion for woodworking truly began. After he graduated, he began working at Bauman Sawmill in Wallenstein and got introduced to live edge wood. He began experimenting with it by making furniture pieces on the side for friends and family, and it wasn't before too long that word started to get out about his beautiful creations. In the spring of 2015, he decided to take the leap and start doing this full time, and Backwoods Timber Creations was born!

In the fall of 2018, Kyle opened his first retail space in Durham, that was managed by his mom, Sue. This store consisted of products handcrafted by Kyle, and it was also home to products from over 40 different local artists. Around the same time, Kyle and Ali started dating and she quickly took interest to all the awesome things he was doing. With a background in marketing and events, and a fellow entrepreneurial spirit, it didn't take long for her to start helping with some marketing and social media management.

The first year and a half in Durham was a hit, but COVID-19 pumped the brakes on that pretty quickly. This was devastating for us, however this opened up the opportunity to take the store to a new market, and conveniently enough, a commercial space popped up right in Listowel! It was always Kyle's dream to open a retail space that was catered to the woodworking market, and this store space allowed for just that. So the decision was made to close the Durham store, and transition to a space that served all fellow woodworkers, hobbyists and makers!

With the launch of this new store space also came a new business community and town to service. Kyle knew he wasn't going to be able to keep up with it on his own, so this was when Ali jumped on board full time to run the storefront and handle all the marketing, communications and administrative duties. This gave Kyle so much more time to focus on what he started this business to do - make beautiful furniture. The front doors opened on July 17th, 2020 and we were so overwhelmed by the amount of community support and excitement that we received!

We are learning, growing and idea-generating every single day, and we can't wait to see what the future years have in store for us in this amazing, like-minded, community focused industry!
Questions about us? Just ask! We're an open book!
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