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No seal HDPE Exotherm reusable epoxy mold forms, available in a wide range of sizes! These forms have welded sides that don't require any sealant or tuck tape. Mold release spray is also not required when using these molds - just simply flip over and tap the sides and bottom with a rubber mallet to release your creation. 


All molds have 3" high sides - please select your size carefully from the drop downs available! We carry a limited selection in stock, and the remainder are by special order - please allow 1-2 extra business days for fulfillment for special order products.

Please read your epoxy instructions carefully when mixing and pouring your epoxy.


Epoxy that is not mixed properly or does not cure will not release correctly from the molds. If your epoxy overheats during the curing process, it may cause the form to twist and warp. Please ensure you are not pouring over the intended depth of the product you are using.


Warranty Policy:
Warranty will be provided on any cracks that appear on the welds - please keep your receipt. Do not use a metal hammer or excessive force when releasing the projects. Marks and dents from metal hammers will void your warranty, along with warping and twisting from overheating epoxy.

Rectangular Epoxy Mold

PriceFrom C$80.00
  • Available in a variety of sizes - special order products are indicated in the size selection.