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Live Edge Dining Table
Your home should be your escape and your safe space. It should also be a representation of your taste, style and personality. Your home is beautiful and unique in it's own way, and your furniture should be too.
Not only will your custom furniture pieces make your home an oasis you can't wait to crawl into, it will also leave a lasting impression on your closest friends and family. Your custom pieces will last you through all of life's stages, and memories will be carried with them forever.
As the host of family dinners, game nights, friend reunions and so much more, your dining room is the heart of your home. Dining tables are one of our most popular and common builds, and the sky is truly the limit.

Multiple slabs used with epoxy to create a river throughout the center.

Round River Table

Single slab casted with epoxy to create dimensional edges.

Casted Table

Live edge with one end filled with epoxy to large epoxy void.

Casted Live Edge Table

Single slab cut in half, or multiple slabs with an epoxy river down the middle.

River Table
The center of your living room and the space where you do your most relaxing deserves a statement piece. Add a pop of color, or match to the rest of the room - either way, you'll have a piece that stands out, and stands up, to the daily use.

Burl pieces placed and casted in epoxy, on a jet black metal frame.

Casted Burl Table
River Table.jpg

Single slab cut in half, with epoxy down the middle to create a river.

River Table

Live edge cookie on a jet black metal base.

Cookie Table
Cast Table.jpg

Single slab casted in textured black epoxy, on a jet black base.

Casted Table
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