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2021 Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and as I sit here writing this, I'm a little in shock that it's already that time of year again. Where the heck did 2021 go!?

We know the holidays can be a stressful and chaotic time of year for some, so we wanted to take some of that off your shoulders!

We've compiled a gift guide to help you check off all the loved ones on your list. Whether you're shopping for your spouse, sibling, parents, boss, friend or anyone else, we've got you covered with so many great gift options!

Charcuterie Boards & Serving Trays

I mean, come onnnn, who doesn't love a platter full of cheese, meat and crackers?! Charcuterie boards are a great gift that can go so much further than just their intended use... We use one in our house to keep our fruit bowl on, a center piece on the table and, of course, snack time.

We keep our store stocked with a variety of boards, ranging in price from $60-250 (most are $80 or less!), or you can order a custom size, style, color, etc. Oh, and don't forget the customization option! For an additional $50, we can engrave any board with a name, date, saying, logo, etc. and fill it with your color choice of epoxy. The options are truly endless!

Lazy Susan's

Despite their name, these gadgets are so freaking handy and make dinner time so much easier! No more "can you pass the salt" when everyone can just give it a spin and get it themselves. ;)

We have so many different styles and sizes in store, and again, custom orders are always welcome!

Coat Hooks

These make great additions to an entry way, hallway, bedroom, office and so much more! I feel like a bit of a broken record here, but lots of different options available in store or order a custom piece!

DIY Supplies

For the woodworker/DIY'er in your life, set them up to complete some projects over the holiday season! In store, we have everything they would need - epoxy, abrasives, adhesives, finish and so much more! We have many cost effective options that would make great stocking stuffers, or grab a bigger epoxy kit and some of our more expensive finishes for "the" gift.

We also have crafting epoxies and any pigment color you could imagine, so if you have a creative soul in the house, we've got them covered, too!

Furniture Pieces

Looking to spoil your spouse this year? We have a selection of finished furniture pieces in stock, ready to be wrapped and put under (or beside...) the tree!

Gift Cards

Finally, play it safe and purchase a gift card to our showroom! These can be used on ANYTHING in store - supplies, slabs, metal work, finished products, boards, and even custom pieces!

If none of this is quite what you're looking for, I've linked some of my favorite local shops below (websites linked to the photos)!

Custom Signs & Decor: Joycelyn Alise Designs - this girl is a serious scrollsaw badass! She stocks some completed signs on her site (among so many other fun stocking stuffers and handmade items) BUT be sure to get in on her next restock to get a custom sign!

Kitchen & Home: Kitchen Cupboard and Icebox. I could spend a dangerous amount of money in this store! They have so many fun kitchen gadgets, pretty décor pieces, food items and so much more. They have an amazing variety of local jarred foods (seasonings, jams, sauces, dressings and so much more) that would make some great stocking stuffers!

Clothing: The Clothing Loft. Walking into this store, you wouldn't even know that everything is second-hand! Their pieces are so well used and cared for, and they have a great range of styles (for men and women!). Best part? It's budget friendly!

Sports & Rec: Between the Lines Sports Campus. For the sport lover in your life, set them up with a gift certificate to use the facility or a class pass! They're also a Lululemon retailer, so satisfy the Lulu-lover in your life while keeping your dollars local!

Happy shopping, friends! Thanks for reading :)



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