R-clear is the ultimate version of R-Cast! (Special order product - please allow an additional 5-7 days for your order to be fulfilled).


It is a crystal clear epoxy resin specially designed to pour up to 2” thick in a single pour and is clear as glass! R-Cast is solvent and odor free and cures with no bubbles. It is a stable UV product that can be outside in the sun without risk of yellowing or cracking. The cure time is 4-7 days.


When pouring over 1.5" thick, we recommend using a fan on it to stop the epoxy from over heating during the curing process. When mixing, mix by hand or use a power mixer on a low speed.


All Ryver Epoxy products are proudly Canadian made!


  • *Special order only.*

    Brand: Ryver Epoxy

    Availabe in 3G and 30L kit.

    Mix ratio: 2A-1B