From our specialized epoxy line, ProCast 4.0 is the ultimate casting epoxy!


Suitable for pours up to 4-6" thick, this professional standard resin is crystal clear, or can be tinted with your favorite pigment color! ProCast 4.0 is also UV stable, low odor and 0% VOC. ProCast 4.0 cures in 5-7 days. 


ProCast 4.0 can be used in conjunction with ProThin and ProCast 2.0, however we recommend ensuring that your previous pour is fully cured before adding in another product. The formulas vary in each product, so mixing them together will cause reactions and improper cures.


When doing large river or pours, especially when clear/transparent, we recommend using ProThin to seal the edges of your wood piece prior to your pour. While both ProCast products have excellent clarity and minimized trapped bubbles, air coming out of the wood can leave micro bubbles in the epoxy. Sealing the edges with ProThin will ensure a crystal clear finish!


For extra large masses, we suggest using a fan on low speed pointed near the pour to keep the epoxy cool while curing. This will help to regulate the temperature and cause it not to cure too quickly.


ProCast 4.0 is stocked in 3G and 7.5G kits, and can be pre-ordered in 1.5G and 15G kits. Please allow 2-3 weeks for fulfillment for pre-orders.


All of the products in our epoxy line are proudly made in Canada!

ProCast 4.0

PriceFrom C$229.95
  • Mix Ratio - 2A:1B

    Available in a  7.5G kit; available in a 1.5G, 3G and 15G kit by pre-order only.