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ProCast & ProThin - What's the Hype?

If you haven't been keeping up with us on social media, you might have missed our most recent exciting update - the launch of our very own epoxy line! Meet ProCast and ProThin, a line of three high quality epoxy resins for the woodworking and maker community.

This has been a dream of ours for a long time and we were finally ready to put some pen to paper and make it happen. You may be wondering "why should I buy your epoxy? What makes it better than all the other brands out there?" - well, keep reading and I'm going to tell you!

First off, and probably our favorite part of this line, is that it's made right here in Southwestern Ontario. We worked with a local coatings company to develop this brand, where they do all the R&D, manufacturing and packaging right in house!

Now let's get into the actual specs of the products.

All three products are:

  • Made of the highest quality ingredients.

  • UV stable - won't yellow over time AND suitable for outdoor* use!

  • Low odor and 0% VOC - meaning it's safe to use in poorly ventilated and confined spaces!

  • 2A:1B volume mix ratio (or 100:45 if mixing by weight).

  • Crystal clear with minimal trapped bubbles - can also be tinted with your favorite pigment brand!

*We always suggest to take caution when using epoxy products outdoors. The Canadian weather is unpredictable and regardless of your finish and epoxy, you still run the risk of your piece incurring damages over time. For more info on this, read our blog on outdoor furniture builds!*

Now that you have the facts, let's get into the differences of each product and their individual purposes.


Out of the three products, this is definitely the most versatile and has the most applications! It is suitable for a top coat, and can also be poured up to 1" thick with a 48 hour cure time. Our favorite uses of this product are:

  • Epoxy top coats on reclaimed wood pieces

  • Filling small holes, cracks and voids

  • River/casted charcuterie boards and serving trays

  • Base layer and edge sealer prior to doing large pours

It is available in store in a 1.4L and 1.5G kit. It can also be pre-ordered in a 3G and 7.5G kit.

ProCast 2.0

This casting epoxy can be poured up to 2" thick and will be your go-to for most river/casted projects! It cures in 3-5 days.

It is available in store in a 1.5G, 3G and 7.5G kit. It can also be pre-ordered in a 15G kit.

ProCast 4.0

The ultimate casting epoxy - this bad boy can be poured 4-6" thick! It cures in 5-7 days and is available in store in a 7.5G kit. It can be pre-ordered in a 1.5G, 3G and 15G kit.

We're really proud of this line, and truly think it has something for everyone. It's used everyday in our shop and on all of our epoxy projects, and if you give it a try, we are sure you will love it, too!

Still have questions about these products or not 100% convinced? Let's chat! We'd love to answer any of your questions!

We can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, by email, phone or by visiting us in store! Take your pick ;)

FB & IG: @backwoods_timber_creations


Phone: (519) 492-3043

Store: 8394 Fairlane Rd Unit A, Listowel; Tues to Sat 10-6

Chat soon!


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